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QRP beacon OK0EF

Beacon OK0EF on frequency 10134 kHz was switched off on August 12, 2016

New beacon OK0EF on frequency 10145 kHz will be on air during August to September 2016

Description of beacon OK0EF

Beacon is working on frequency 10134 kHz. Basic HF power is 500 mW. Power is changing in three steps (500, 200 and 100 mW). Beacon working with two texts.

5 times main text

twice information text
LOC JO70BC ASL 405 M ANT VERT 500 MW 'dash' 200 MW 'dash' 100 MW 'dash'

Beacon is located on the garden of family house in Male Pritocno village, locator JO70BC. Antenna system is vertical and it is located on lodge with transmitter. Antenna is connected to beacon with 10 metres of coaxial cable RG-58u.

Construction of beacon

It used circuit with processor Atmel AT90S2343 for control of beacon, which is programmed for this solution. Construction of transmitter is composed from several parts (quarz controlled oscillator installed in thermostat at temperature 50 C, separating stage, preamplifire, CW keyer and power amplifier with BD137). Power supply is 12V. Voltage is stabilized to 9V for oscillator and to 5V for processor unit. Beacon is made on small plate 95 x 47 mm. Whole beacon is built-in into box 115 x 65 x 50 mm.

Reports via QSL bureau are welcome and will confirmed by QSL card. Report is possible to send also via e-mail or SMS (SMS short message up to 160 characters will received on my mobile phone).

Petr, OK1FAQ 7.10. 2001


Beacon OK0EF - small pictures (342 kB)
Beacon OK0EF - big pictures (806 kB)

Both sides of beacon QSL card - big pictures (302 kB)

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